Scott Anthony, Douglas Scott Sorensen, Alexandra Sweatt &
Becca Willenbrink in The Stranger and Ludlow Quinn. Photo – Theatre [502].
The Stranger and Ludlow Quinn, Chapter Five: All Soul’s Day 

Written by Diana Grisanti and Steve Moulds
Directed by Amy Attaway
Review by Keith Waits
Entire contents copyright 2013 by Keith Waits. All rights reserved.
Did the book explode? Is Murray dead? How much of it is all a dream? In chapter five of The Stranger and Ludlow Quinn, the story takes important steps into deeper waters narratively and emotionally. As earlier chapters relied on ingenuity and sharp wit to engage the audience, the middle entries are pulling us in to a more tangible relationship with the action, most particularly by focusing on Bonnie Burke and developing her character with meaning.
At the same time, the mystery deepens, as the exact events that occur in the aftermath of Bonnie’s visit to Murray’s Magic Shop are left unclear, communicated as they are here, in and out of the hazy fog of dreams. The surreal tone is new but potently portrayed and takes us inside Bonnie’s state of mind, confirming beyond a doubt that this is, more than anything else, her story.
So this chapter belongs to Becca Willenbrink, who has faithfully occupied Bonnie as a fairly passive onlooker but now is given the opportunity to explore the character more fully. Her sensitive performance is one payoff for the patient dedication to a play that is just now approaching the midway point. Not that forbearance is required, but Stranger needed to move in this direction; and that it does so now is further testament to the care given to structure and continuity in this high-wire act. Things feel right on schedule.
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The Stranger and Ludlow Quinn, Chapter Five: All Soul’s Day
October 4, 2013
Theatre [502]
at The Baron’s Theatre
131 West Main Street
Louisville, KY 40202