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“I’m Completely Mad For Theater! “

Q&A With Actor Katherine Martin Interview by Keith Waits Entire contents copyright © 2017 Keith Waits. All rights reserved. Keith Waits: You are playing two characters in Clybourne Park, which takes place in two acts that ...
by arts_louisville


Inside The Music

Why Beethoven? The Louisville Orchestra Moderated and Directed by Teddy Abrams Review by Annette Skaggs Entire contents copyright © 2017 Annette Skaggs. All rights reserved. I recently was sent a teaser headline by an acquaint...
by arts_louisville


Where Anything Can Happen

Chasidy Moore, Bailey Lomax, & Bridget Thesing in The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls. Photo by Bill Brymer. The Fairytale Lives of Russian Girls By Meg Miroshnik Directed by Amy Attaway Review by Kate Barry Entire conten...
by arts_louisville



We Burn A Hot Fire

Jonathan Patrick O’ Brien & Hallie Dizdarevic in The Crucible. Photo by Crystal Rae Ludwick. The Crucible By Arthur Miller Directed by Charlie Sexton Review by Keith Waits Entire contents are copyright © 2017 Keith ...
by arts_louisville

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A Boy’s Life

The Last Resort Journal of a Salt River Camp, 1942-43 by John C. Goodlett introduction by David Hoefer Murky Press 233 pp.; $12.95 Review by Katherine Dalton Entire contents copyright © 2017 by Katherine Dalton. All rights re...
by arts_louisville



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