Remy Sisk unveils the new company’s name and logo

New Company Yet Familiar Talent

By Keith Waits

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Remy Sisk, Charlie Meredith, Michael Detmer, and others have launched a new theatre company called Timeslip Theatre. At a July 22 reception, Sisk unveiled the name and spiffy new logo and also announced to a small crowd of colleagues and supporters that the new company will open its first production, Murder Ballad, on August 19 at The Loft at The Biscuit Lounge (a brand new performance space on 10th Street). The 2021-22 season was outlined, two contemporary musicals receiving their Louisville premieres and a Halloween-season production of The Rocky Horror Show at PLAY.

If any of this sounds familiar it is because Timeslip is arguably more of a transition than an entirely new beginning. As Acting Against Cancer dissolves as an organization, the creative team behind their last few seasons has simply relaunched with the same objectives that they have always had. Murder Ballad was the last show scheduled before the pandemic shut things down, so in many ways, Sisk and company are picking up precisely where they left off. The announcement event was filled with faces we know from past AAC productions, and there were performances of select tunes from Murder Ballad by Myranda Thomas, Landon Scholar, and Christine Booker, underlining that the cast is the same that had been announced for the 2020 AAC production.

So the name may be new, but the talent, drive, and aesthetic will not be an unknown quantity. As has been evidenced on stage, this group has consistently grown and expanded its ambition with results of consistently high quality and seems ready to continue that journey as Timeslip Theatre Company. The Timeslip niche appears to be producing musical theatre that is slightly, if not wildly outside of the mainstream. When running through the season and describing the show Cruel Intentions, a musical adaptation of the 1997 movie, Sisk described it as, “…a 90s movie that maybe hasn’t aged so well!” With a book that consists of “…all the best lines from the movie but with great songs!”

In other words, don’t expect My Fair Lady or even The Producers from this crew. Sci-fi, sexuality, and social anxiety are more characteristic of the work they deliver.

Sisk was also enthusiastic about outreach and education efforts that also follow from the work he and others, including Myranda Thomas, have engaged in for several years. To highlight that side of the Timeslip mission, 15-year-old Lauren Jones sang “In My Dreams” well enough to leave a most favorable impression on a very theatre-savvy crowd. 

The 2021-22 season for Timeslip Theatre Company:

Murder Ballad
August 19 – 29, 2021

The Rocky Horror Show
October 2021

Cruel Intentions
January 2022

June 2022

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