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McQuixote Hosts Inaugural Portland Poetry Series

Poet Tyler Curth. Photo-McQuixote Books and Coffee   McQuixote Books and Coffee Tim Faulkner Gallery By Rachel White Entire contents are copyright © 2014, Rachel White.  All rights reserved. In the back room of McQuixote...
by Keith Waits


Building The Dream

Sandy Speer pointing out the newly purchased Bensingers building in 1981. Photo-Actors Theatre of Louisville Actors Theatre of Louisville: Fifty Years Written and compiled by Kristopher Castle, Kate Chandler, Kirsty Gaukel, &am...
by Keith Waits


War From One Who Lived Within It

Judith Brockenbrough McGuire   Diary of a Southern Refugee During the War:  Annotated Edition by Judith Brockenbrough McGuire edited by James I. Robertson Jr. Lexington:  University Press of Kentucky, 2014 360 pp.; $60 c...
by Keith Waits



Ethereal Sacrament of Time and Space

Land of Pure Vision: The Sacred Geography of Tibet and The Himalaya By David Zurick. Lexington:  University Press of Kentucky, 136 pp., $55.00 87 black & white photographs. Review by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel Entire contents a...
by Keith Waits

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Celebratory and Elegiac “Demolition”

  Demolition of the Promised Land By Erin Keane Paperback, $15.99 Typecast Press Review by Joanna Lin Want Entire contents are copyright © 2014 Joanna Lin Want. All rights reserved. Pour yourself a glass of bourbon, put o...
by Keith Waits