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King And Queen Of Jazz

Ella + Louis: All That Jazz Louisville Orchestra Bob Bernhardt, Conductor Marva Hicks, Vocalist Byron Stripling, Trumpet Robert Breithaupt, Percussionist Review by Annette Skaggs Entire contents are copyright © 2016 Annettte S...
by arts_louisville

Photo of Andrew Kipe by Sam English.

Interview with Andrew Kipe – Louisville Orchestra

Photo of Andrew Kipe by Sam English.   Interview by Scott Dowd Entire contents  ©Fearless Designs, Inc. All rights reserved. A native of Maryland who at one time planned a career in marine biology, Andrew Kipe has spent ...
by Aggie


Midtown Men on Main Street

Photo: The Midtown Men   The Midtown Men Live in Concert with The Louisville Orchestra Louisville Orchestra Bob Bernhardt, conductor Review by Kathi E. B. Ellis Entire contents copyright © 2015 by Kathi E.B. Ellis. All ri...
by Keith Waits



Not Just The Music, But The Man

Singer Tony Vincent. Courtesy of The Music of David Bowie The Louisville Orchestra Brett Havens, conductor Tony Vincent, vocals By Kimby Taylor-Peterson Entire contents copyright © 2017 Kimby Taylor-Peterson. A...
by arts_louisville

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Interview with Bob Bernhardt, Conductor

Interview by Scott Dowd. As I write this, the Association of the Louisville Orchestra Musicians have just agreed to a new multi-year contract. Negotiations between the musicians and Louisville Orchestra management, aided by wor...
by arts_louisville