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There Is Nothing Wrong With Your Television Set

Chris Vititoe & Kent Carney in The Roast of HBO. Photo by Crystal Sullivan. The Roast of HBO Written and performed by Kent Carney, Andy Fleming, Rachael Goldman, Sean Keller, Holly Lynnea, Mandee McKelvey, Sean Smith, &...
by arts_louisville


Vows Under The Magnolia

Colette Delaney, Tina Jo Wallace, & Brian Bowman in Southern Fried Nuptials. Photo courtesy Derby Dinner Playhouse. Southern Fried Nuptials By J. Dietz Osborne and Nate Eppler Produced and Directed by Bekki Jo Schneider Rev...
by arts_louisville


The Russians Are Coming! (And The Irish)

Gerry Rose & Polina Shafran in Chamber Theater’s 2017 production of The Doll’s House. Photo courtesy The Chamber Theatre. Entire contents copyright © 2017 All rights reserved. The Chamber T...
by arts_louisville



Lady In The Storm

Lexa Daniels in Lady Lear. Photo courtesy the Louisville Ballet. Lady Lear Choreography by Roger Creel Score by Scott Moore Review by Kathi E.B. Ellis Entire contents copyright © 2017 Kathi E. B. Ellis. All rights reserved. &n...
by arts_louisville

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One Flew East

Marc McHone, Rachel Allen, Heidi Gibson Platt, John C. Collins, Andy Szuran, Scott Goodman & John Trueblood in One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest. Photo by Craig Nolan Highley. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest By Dale Wasserma...
by arts_louisville