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Alice And Change

Megan Adair, Ted Lesley, Shannon Woolley Allison, & Jennifer Thalman Kepler in Alice in Black & White. Photo by Holly Stone. Alice in Black and White By Robin Rice Directed by Kathi E. B. Ellis   Review by Keith ...
by arts_louisville

Karole Spangler as Emilie du Chatelet and Shannon Woolley Allison as Olivia in Looking for Lilith's production of Legacy of Light, by Karen Zacarias. Photo by Holly Stone.

The Assault of Sustained Thinking

Legacy of Light  By Karen Zacarias Directed by Kathi E. B. Ellis Review by Keith Waits Entire contents copyright © 2016 by Keith Waits. All rights reserved.   Karole Spangler & Shannon Woolley Allison in Legacy of Li...
by arts_louisville


“One Of Our Biggest Dreams”

The NYC company of Alice in Black and White. Photo by Holly Stone.       Looking for Lilith’s Triumphant Return to NYC By Keith Waits Entire contents copyright © 2016 Keith Waits. All rights reserved. Two ...
by arts_louisville



Starting Over Is Never Easy

Ben Gierhart, Jennifer Thalman Kepler, Laura Ellis & Samantha Watzek in Getting Out. Photo courtesy Looking for Lilith.   Getting Out By Marsha Norman Directed by Shannon Woolley Allison Review by Kate Barry Entire con...
by Keith Waits

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Docudrama In Rubbertown

Shannon Wolley Allison, Jennifer Thalman-Kepler, Ebony Jordan, Sean Childress, Mandi Elkins Hucthins, J.D. Green, & Dana Hope in Prevailing Winds. Photo courtesy of Looking for Lilith.   Prevailing Winds Progress over ...
by Keith Waits