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When A Bully Digs In

Shannon Wooley & Trina Fischer in Choices. Photo-Looking for Lilith   Choices (an interactive play on cyberbullying and suicide)  Looking for Lilith Theatre Company Review by Rachel White Entire contents are copyright...
by Keith Waits


Nothing Less Than Extraordinary

Alicia Moscoso Mendez, Martha Lidia Ajxup, Juana Herlinda Yac Salanic & Jennifer Thalman-Kepler.   Looking for Lilith Brings Their Guatemalan Partners to Louisville Text & photos by Keith Waits Entire contents copy...
by Keith Waits



Looking for Lilith Uncaged by Traditional Story Structure

Uncaged Desenjauladas Created By: Jennifer Thalman Kepler, Shannon Woolley Allison, Trina Fischer, Asly Toro, Kathi E.B. Ellis, and Holly Stone, based on work with their Guatemalan colleagues and other Faith Stories Project par...
by Keith Waits

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Teresa Willis & Trina Fischer

Body Awareness is Intelligent & Thought Provoking

Teresa Willis & Trina Fischer in Body Awareness. Photo-Holly Stone   Body Awareness By Annie Baker Directed by Kathi E. B. Ellis Review by Rachel White Entire contents are copyright © 2014 Rachel White. All rights res...
by Keith Waits