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3. Jon Norman Schneider in Recent Alien Abductions by Jorge Ignacio Cortinas, 2017 Humana Festival. Photo by Bill Brymer.

Alternate Incandescent Reality

Jon Norman Schneider in Recent Alien Abductions. Photo by Bill Brymer. Recent Alien Abductions By Jorge Ignacio Cortiñas Directed by Les Waters Review by Ben Gierhart Entire contents copyright © 2017 by Ben Gierhart. All righ...
by arts_louisville

A Dolls House 3 - Polina Shafran as Nora; Beth Tantanella as Mrs. Linde; photo by Jasmine Jones

Slamming That Door

Polina Shafran & Beth Tantanella in A Doll’s House. Photo by Jasmine Jones. A Doll’s House By Henrik Ibsen Directed by Martin French Review by Kate Barry Entire contents are copyright © 2017 Kate Barry. All rig...
by arts_louisville


Poppins From The Sky

The cast of Mary Poppins. Photo by Rachel Stump Disney’s Mary Poppins Book by Julian Fellowes Music by Robert B. Sherman, Richard M. Sherman & George Stiles Lyrics by Robert B. Sherman, Richard M. Sherman & Anthony Dr...
by arts_louisville



Overcoming Barriers

Clarena Wright, Julio Samayoa, Omar Avila, & Angie Williams-Overstreet from a promotional image for Iceberg. Image courtesy of El Delirio Producciones. Iceberg By Eddy Janeth Directed by Manuel Francisco Viveros Review by K...
by arts_louisville

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NANCE - Temp Pub2

Chauncey Just Wants To Be

Bryce Weibe & Jason Cooper in The Nance. Photos courtesy of Pandora Productions. The Nance By Douglas Carter Beane Directed by Michael Drury  Reviewed by Janelle Renee Dunn Entire contents are copyright © 2017, Janelle Re...
by arts_louisville