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Powerful and Intimate One Acts from Savage Rose

Jeremy Sapp and Lauren Maxwell in 27 Wagons of Cotton. Photo – Savage Rose Classical Theatre Company. American One Acts: Cocaine, 27 Wagons Full of Cotton, Hello Out There Directed by J. Barrett Cooper and Jennifer Pennington...
by arts_louisville


A Tale Of Two Tituses

  Different Approaches to One of Shakespeare’s Most Controversial Plays By Kathi E.B. Ellis Entire contents copyright © 2016 Kathi E.B. Ellis. All rights reserved.       Neill Robertson & Abigail ...
by arts_louisville


Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On

Neill Roberston and Brian Hinds in The Tempest. Photo-Kelly Moore   The Tempest By William Shakespeare Directed by Kelly Moore Review by Rachel White Entire contents are copyright © 2014 Rachel White. All rights reserved....
by Keith Waits



Imagination Taking Flight

Brian West & Lila Schaffner in Alice in Wonderland. Photo courtesy of Savage Rose. Alice in Wonderland By Lewis Carroll Adapted and Directed by Kelly Moore Reviewed by Janelle Renee Dunn Entire contents are copyright © 201...
by arts_louisville

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The Folly Of The Extraordinary

Ben Gierhart & Gerry Rose in Crime and Punishment. Photo courtesy of Savage Rose. Crime and Punishment By Marilyn Campbell and Curt Columbus. Based on the novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky Directed by Michael Harris Review by Kei...
by arts_louisville