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It’s Not A Man’s World

Lauren Argo, Meghan Logue, & J. Ariadne Calvano in Glengarry Glen Ross. Photo: The Bard’s Town. Glengarry Glen Ross By David Mamet Directed by Gracie Taylor Review by Keith Waits Entire contents copyright are © 2018 ...
by arts_louisville


The Ten Minute Payoff

Alex Haydon, Michael Smith, & Derek Wahle in Squirrels in a Knothole. Photo courtesy of The Bard’s Town. Bard Theatre’s 7th Annual Ten-Tucky Festival of Ten-Minute Plays Various writers and directors Review by K...
by arts_louisville


There Is Nothing Wrong With Your Television Set

Chris Vititoe & Kent Carney in The Roast of HBO. Photo by Crystal Sullivan. The Roast of HBO Written and performed by Kent Carney, Andy Fleming, Rachael Goldman, Sean Keller, Holly Lynnea, Mandee McKelvey, Sean Smith, &...
by arts_louisville



How Low Will You Go?

Kenn Parks & Katye Heim in Bethany. Photo courtesy The Bard’s Town. Bethany By Laura Marks Directed by Doug Schutte Review by Keith Waits Entire contents copyright © 2017 by Keith Waits. All rights reserved. What are...
by arts_louisville

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Calamity Ensues

Benjamin Wells Park & Sean Childress in The Coward. Photo courtesy The Bard’s Town. The Coward By Nick Jones Directed by Amos Dreisbach Reviewed by Janelle Renee Dunn Entire contents are copyright © 2017 Janelle Rene...
by arts_louisville