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Actually, It Is The Play

Beth Tantanella in This Is Not The Play. Photo courtesy of The Bard’s Town   This Is Not The Play By Chisa Hutchinson Directed by Jake Beamer Review by Keith Waits Entire contents copyright © 2016 by Keith Waits. Al...
by Keith Waits


Taking the Temperature of Feminism

Rachel White, Laurene Scalf, Amy Steiger & Victoria Reibel in Rapture, Blister, Burn. Photo-The Bard’s Town   Rapture, Blister, Burn By Gina Gionfriddo Directed by Doug Schutte A review by Keith Waits Entire cont...
by Keith Waits


Politics Big and Small

Carol Dines, Lenae McKee Price, & Phil Lynch in Other Desert Cities. Photo: The Bard’s Town.   Other Desert Cities By Jon Robin Baitz Directed by Melissa K. Shepherd Review by Rachel White Entire contents copyrig...
by Keith Waits



The Gamut Of Being Alone Onstage

Chris Anger in The Best Part. Photo by Bill Brymer.   The Louisville Improvisors & The Bard’s Town present: Single Shots Various writers and directors     Review by Eli Keel Entire contents copyright © 201...
by arts_louisville

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The Ten Minute Payoff

Alex Haydon, Michael Smith, & Derek Wahle in Squirrels in a Knothole. Photo courtesy of The Bard’s Town. Bard Theatre’s 7th Annual Ten-Tucky Festival of Ten-Minute Plays Various writers and directors Review by K...
by arts_louisville