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As In Games, As In Life

Michael Mayes, Jon Patrick O’ Brien & Joseph Hatfield in Red Speedo. Photo-Theatre[502]   Red Speedo By Lucas Hnath Directed by Amy Attaway Review by Keith Waits Entire contents copyright © 2014 by Keith Waits. All ...
by Keith Waits


A Monologue of Comedy and Tragedy from Theatre [502]

Gil Reyes in Thom Pain (based on nothing). Photo-Theatre [502]. Thom Pain (based on nothing) By Will Eno Performed by Gil Reyes Directed by Mike Brooks Reviewed by Rachel White Entire contents are copyright © 2012 Rachel White...
by Keith Waits


17 Questions for Michael Mayes

Jon O’Brien and Michael Mayes in rehearsal for Red Speedo. Photo-Theatre[502]   By Keith Waits Entire contents are copyright © 2014 Keith Waits. All rights reserved Michael Mayes has been leaving his mark on local s...
by Keith Waits



Water Rolling Uphill

Felicia Corbett & Lo Abdelmalek in How Water Behaves. Photo by Bill Brymer. How Water Behaves By Sherry Kramer Directed by Gil Reyes Review by Keith Waits Entire contents are copyright © 2018 Keith Waits. All rights reserv...
by arts_louisville

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Two Chapters in One Night, Two More to Go

Becca Willenbrink & Eil Keel in The Stranger and Ludlow Quin. Photo-Theatre [502].   The Stranger and Ludlow Quinn, Chapter Seven: There Are No People Here AND Chapter Eight: Bargains and Boxes Written by Diana Grisant...
by Keith Waits