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Signs And Portents

Mandy Kramer, Jeff Mangum, & Jeremy O’Brien in The Faculty Room. Photo courtesy of Wayward Actors Company.   The Faculty Room By Bridget Carpenter Directed by Kevin Butler Review by Keith Waits   Entire cont...
by arts_louisville


Everyday A Little Death

Jake Minton (far left) & Jess Harris Stiller (far right) with the cast of Unhindered & Ungendered: A Killer Show. Photo courtesy of Wayward Actors Company.   Unhindered & Ungendered: A Killer Show Director/Chor...
by Keith Waits


This is Not My Beautiful Wife

Katherine Martin & Neill Mulac in Prelude To A Kiss. Photo-Wayward Actors Company   Prelude To A Kiss By Craig Lucas Directed by Neil Brewer Review by Keith Waits Entire contents copyright © 2015 by Keith Waits. All r...
by Keith Waits



Love Songs Are The Best Songs

Susan Crocker & Marcy Ziegler in Unhindered and Ungendered Photo-Wayward Actors Company   Unhindered and Ungendered: Broadway’s Greatest Love Songs By Various artists Directed by Valerie Canon Review by Kate Barr...
by Keith Waits


A Giant Walking The Earth

Magdalen Hartman, Ron Dawson, & Tim Kitchen in The Man From Earth. Photo-Wayward Actors Company   The Man from Earth Based on the screenplay by Jerome Bixby Adapted by Richard Schenkman Directed by Craig Nolan Highley ...
by Keith Waits