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Interspecies Homicide

Niles Welch, Ben Rogers, Penny Brill, Shelly Marquart Reid, Erica Goldsmith & Ron Brumleve in Murder On The Alien Express. Photo-WhoDunnit.   Murder On The Alien Express  By A.S. Waterman Directed by Beth Olliges Revi...
by Keith Waits


Yuletide Mischief

Murder on 34th Street  By A.S. Waterman Directed by Niles Welch Review by Keith Waits Entire contents copyright © 2016 by Keith Waits. All rights reserved.     Beth Olliges, Rachel Booker, Darren Harbour, Bryant Com...
by arts_louisville


Dr. MacCrimmon I Presume?

Francis Whitaker, Heather Hensley, John Campbell Finnegan, Ben Rogers, Sarah Eberhardt (pictured). character now played by Sarah Mackell (inset) & Megg Ward in Murder by Quarry. Photo by Joey Goldsmith. Murder by Quarry: T...
by arts_louisville



Murder In The Wild West

Beth Olliges, Erica Goldsmith, Maggie Gardner, Tom Staudenheimer, Darren Harbour, John Lina and Ben Rogers in The Case of the Smokin’ Gunn. Photo courtesy of WhoDunnit.   The Case of the Smokin’ Gunn By A.S. Waterm...
by Keith Waits

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Did The Butler Do It?

John Lina, Brian Kennedy, Beth Olliges, & Emily Eader in The Oxford Incident. Photo-WhoDunnit   The Oxford Incident By Teresa Wentzel Directed by Joe Monroe Review by Keith Waits Entire contents copyright © 2015 by Ke...
by Keith Waits