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Billy Hertz by John Nation

Why Billy Hertz Wants To Sell 100 Paintings In 90 Days

Artist & gallery owner Billy Hertz. Text by Keith Waits, Photos by John Nation Text copyright © 2016 Keith Waits. Photos copyright © 2016 John Nation. All rights reserved. Artist Billy Hertz means to sell 100 paintings i...
by Keith Waits


Making Art Under Pressure

Artist Julie Leidner presses audience member Charlotte Pollock into service as a model. Photo by Keith Waits Instant Installation Invitational (iii) Spring Meet at Louisville Visual Art Review by Martin French Entire contents c...
by Keith Waits

In The Summer Time…63 x 63 Acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Nutritious AND Satisfying Art

“In The Summer of Time… .” 68″ x 63″, Acrylic and mixed media on canvas, 2016   From Then Till Now – Work by Josh Jenkins Review by Keith Waits Entire contents copyright © 2016 Keith Waits...
by Keith Waits



Women’s History On The Wall

Photo courtesy Renee Murphy/Hite Institute.   Capturing Women’s History: Quilts, Activism, and Storytelling Hite Art Institute Review by Kay Polson Grubola Entire contents copyright © 2016 Kay Polson Grubola. All right...
by Keith Waits

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Eager Or Ego? Dean Christensen Arrives

Selfie 2, oil on masnite, 4′ x 3′,  Dean Christensen   The Millenial Man – ME, Myselfie, and I: New Work by Dean Christensen Review by Keith Waits Entire contents copyright © 2016 Keith Waits. All right...
by Keith Waits