Charlette Speigner, Matthew Brennan, Ben Evans, Jessie Alagna, Kiersten Vorheis
& Seth Lieber in Petit Rouge. Photo-Stage One Family Theatre


Petite Rouge, A Cajun Red Riding Hood

Adapted for the stage with Book, Music & Lyrics by Joan Cushing
From the children’s book by Mike Artell
Directed by Gil Reyes

Review by Keith Waits

Entire contents copyright © 2014 by Keith Waits. All rights reserved.

Even under the estimable banner of Stage One Family Theatre, it might be difficult to find a fresh take on a tale as familiar as Little Red Riding Hood. But transplant the basic narrative to the Louisiana bayou, make Red a duck, swap an alligator with gourmet taste for the rapacious wolf, add a terrific score, and you have something new indeed.

Truthfully, I found myself having to refresh my memory a bit about the events of the original as this version unfolded before me, so diverted was I from the obvious expectations. It’s fundamentally the same plot, but the charm of the animal characters, the humor of the script, and the songs, make it a pleasure to witness.

About those songs: they were strong, with just enough of a solid base line to suggest they could be covered by a blues or zydeco band. When Claude the Alligator (a rascally Ben Evans) sings, “I’m Hungry”, it is both delightfully silly and a little bit funky, and “Riverboat Waltz” has a touch of grandeur suggestive of a more opulent, adult musical number.

But Petite Rouge is rightfully placed as a children’s adventure/lesson in which Rouge’s taste for wandering away from the path leads to danger and meaningful acts of courage.

Charlette Speigner gives her Rouge a reasonable amount of flavor, and the rest of the cast is sure-footed and genial, although perhaps a little too vanilla when filé is what’s called for. Director Gil Reyes sets a good pace and balances the humor and music enough to allow the moralizing to surface with more subtlety than one might expect.


Petite Rouge, A Cajun Red Riding Hood

October 10, 18, 25 & November 1, 2014 @ 2:00pm

StageOne Family Theatre
Kentucky Center for the Arts
501 West Main Street
Louisville, KY 40202


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