Andrew K. McGill, Candy Thomas, & Susan Brooks. Photo: Bill Baker

A Doublewide Texas Christmas

By Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, and Jamie Wooten
Directed by Mike Price

A review by Kate Barry

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We got us a situation! In the town of Doublewide, Texas shenanigans are brewing as Mayor Joveeta Crumpler and her friends go up against the county board, create the perfect nativity scene, and fight off raccoons before Christmas. Setbacks, celebrities sighted on sweet potatoes, and a small population of friends comprises the holiday romp of Little Colonel Playhouse’s A Doublewide Texas Christmas.

The script presents strong female characters reminiscent of Steel Magnolias. Here a variety of characters band together to help out a stressed-out mayor make her holiday dreams come true while saving the town. In the role of Joveeta, Candy Thomas is as relatable as she is funny with every anxious and back spasm-inducing she finds herself a part of. Once Joveeta gets the win she’s looking for, you cannot help but cheer. 

One of Joveeta’s major stressors is her mother, Caprise played with dramatic flair by Teresa Wentzel. Summoning confidence and sensuality with sequins to spare, Wentzel is an absolute hoot. Her best moments come playing against Rich Williams’ Haywood. With a little bit of flirtation and innuendo, Williams and Wentzel make for good comedy.

I must extend kudos for the staging of this show. It’s very simple and quite effective with its moments of physical humor and pratfalls. Even more so, the action takes place primarily in Joveeta’s trailer home turned city hall. I especially liked the details of pictures of Barbara Bush and J.R. Ewing mixed in with bull horns and tinsel. In moments outside of city hall, a curtain and a prop or two take us to bars, nursing homes, and other places in Doublewide. Dawn Moretz appears at the top of the show and shines in this very situation as the nurse and social director of Stairway to Heaven nursing home. She really embraces her moment in the spotlight. 

This production has a lot of heart. Although the plot may be a tad bit predictable, the laughs are genuine and steer away from overly sentimental holiday schlock. On that note, in a small theater like Little Colonel Playhouse, it is easy to hear other patrons loudly whisper plot twists or spoilers moments before they happen. I will spare you any spoilers and encourage you to check out the holiday fun for yourself. 

Featuring Susan Brooks, Andrew McGill, Dawn Moretz, Margo Morton, Dan Remaks, Candy Thomas, Ericka Wardlow, Teresa Wentzel, & Rich Williams

A Doublewide Texas Christmas

December 3,4,9,10 & 11 @ 7:30 pm
December 5 & 12 @ 2:00 pm

Little Colonel Playhouse
302 Mt Mercy Drive 
Pewee Valley, KY 40056

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