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Hite Institute

But What Is “Great”?

Posted  March 19, 2018  by  arts_louisville

Photo by Jessica Kincaid. New Monuments For Freedoms: Make America Great Again Cressman Center for Visual Art Review by Keith Waits Entire contents copyright © 2018  Keith Waits. All rights reserved. For Freedoms is America’s first artist-run “super” Political Action Committee (Super PAC), a collective that pressures the distinction between art and politics. The group […]

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Actors Theatre of Louisville

The Tenants Of Black Metal

Posted  March 19, 2018  by  arts_louisville

Cast of Evocation To Visible Appearance. Photo by Bill Brymer Evocation to Visible Appearance By Mark Schultz Directed by Les Waters Review by Ben Gierhart Entire contents copyright © 2018 by Ben Gierhart. All rights reserved. I like to consider myself someone with pretty eclectic taste in music. I enjoy the bubblegum escapism of pop […]

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Your Favorite Show Tunes – Unhindered

Posted  March 17, 2018  by  arts_louisville

Joanne Sweeney, Marcy Zeigler, Greta Smith, Caitlin Clemons, & Sallie Proffitt in Unhindered and Ungendered: Minor Characters, Major Songs. Photo: Wayward Actors Company. Unhindered and Ungendered: Minor Characters, Major Songs Musical Director Low Hale Directed & Choreographed by Valerie Canon     Review by Keith Waits Entire contents copyright © 2018 by Keith Waits. All rights […]

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Looking for Lilith

A Life Not Fully Awake

Posted  March 16, 2018  by  arts_louisville

Karole Spangler & Trina Fischer in The Patron Saint of Losing Sleep. Photo: Looking for Lilith The Patron Saint of Losing Sleep By Diana Grisanti Directed by Shannon Woolley Allison Reviewed by Keith Waits Entire contents are copyright © 2018 Keith Waits. All rights reserved. Sleeplessness is something we can all relate to, and The […]

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Louisville Orchestra

Awesome Fiddlesticks

Posted  March 14, 2018  by  arts_louisville

Michael Cleveland + Flamekeeper. Photo: East Public Relations. The Louisville Orchestra Pops Series Presents: Michael Cleveland + Flamekeeper Teddy Abrams, conductor Guest Artists: Michael Cleveland – vocals + fiddle, Nathan Livers – vocals + mandolin, Tyler Griffith – vocals + bass, Joshua Richards – vocals + guitar, Josiah Shrode – banjo Review by Annette Skaggs […]

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