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Signs And Portents

Posted  July 29, 2016  by  arts_louisville

Mandy Kramer, Jeff Mangum, & Jeremy O’Brien in The Faculty Room. Photo courtesy of Wayward Actors Company.   The Faculty Room By Bridget Carpenter Directed by Kevin Butler Review by Keith Waits   Entire contents copyright © 2016 by Keith Waits. All rights reserved. In his director’s notes, Kevin Butler declares, “This show is not […]

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Jessica Litwiniec Dorman, Jon Ledgerwood, and Brian Bowles
Performing Arts

What’s The Buzz?

Posted  July 23, 2016  by  arts_louisville

Brian Bowles in Jesus Christ Superstar. Photo by Ronnie Breedlove.   Jesus Christ Superstar Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Lyrics by Tim Rice Directed and designed by Ronnie Breedlove Conducted by Jon Ledgerwood   Review by Kate Barry Entire contents are copyright © 2016 Kate Barry. All rights reserved. Depending on whom you ask, Jesus […]

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Commonwealth Theatre Center

Anger, Anxiety, And Strangeness

Posted  July 21, 2016  by  arts_louisville

Ben Park, Aaron Roitman, & Eliot Zellers  with members of the audience in The Aliens. Photo by Eli Keel   The Aliens By Annie Baker Directed by Maggie Rogers Review by Eli Keel Entire contents copyright © 2016 by Eli Keel. All rights reserved My momma used to say that as an artist, sometimes you […]

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Commonwealth Theatre Center

Staying Up Nights In The Chelsea Hotel

Posted  July 19, 2016  by  arts_louisville

Chloe Bell, Noah Park, & Aaron Roitman in Cowboy Mouth. Photo by Ben Park   Cowboy Mouth By Sam Shepard Directed by Ben Park Review by Keith Waits   Entire contents copyright © 2016 by Keith Waits. All rights reserved.  Cowboy Mouth is a play by Sam Shepard, but its history is particularly fascinating. Purportedly […]

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Performing Arts

Remember Mama

Posted  July 16, 2016  by  arts_louisville

William Yore, Morgan Younge, Angela Williams, & Delane Bracken in Oh Lord! Mama Done Burnt the Biscuits. Promotional image courtesy of Smoked Apple Theatre Group.       Oh Lord! Mama Done Burnt the Biscuits By Nipsey Green Directed by Janelle Renee Dunn Review by Keith Waits Entire contents copyright © 2016 Keith Waits. All […]

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