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Water Rolling Uphill

Posted  May 20, 2018  by  arts_louisville

Felicia Corbett & Lo Abdelmalek in How Water Behaves. Photo by Bill Brymer. How Water Behaves By Sherry Kramer Directed by Gil Reyes Review by Keith Waits Entire contents are copyright © 2018 Keith Waits. All rights reserved. Sherry Kramer’s How Water Behaves is kind of a crazy play. Warm, funny, engaging, illogical, improbable, and […]

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The Alley Theater

Fall From Grace

Posted  May 19, 2018  by  arts_louisville

Frost/Nixon By Peter Morgan Directed by Denny Grinar Review by Kate Barry Entire contents are copyright © 2018, Kate Barry. All rights reserved. The stage for The Alley Theater production of Frost/Nixon is sparse and empty except for one thing: televisions. Cleverly placed and always present, the use of television provides a reminder of the […]

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The Bard's Town

It’s Not A Man’s World

Posted  May 18, 2018  by  arts_louisville

Lauren Argo, Meghan Logue, & J. Ariadne Calvano in Glengarry Glen Ross. Photo: The Bard’s Town. Glengarry Glen Ross By David Mamet Directed by Gracie Taylor Review by Keith Waits Entire contents copyright are © 2018 by Keith Waits. All rights reserved.   In this new production of Glengarry Glen Ross, the roster of characters, […]

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News and Arts Education

A Life In The Theatre

Posted  May 17, 2018  by  arts_louisville

Bekki Jo Schneider – February 2017. Photo by Jodi Cheetah Combs-Kalla  Remembering Bekki Jo Schneider By Jon Huffman Entire contents are copyright © 2018, Jon Huffman. All rights reserved. Since her death from cancer on May 4th much has been written about Derby Dinner Playhouse Producer Bekki Jo Schneider and her achievements and contributions to […]

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A Password Is Required

Posted  May 17, 2018  by  arts_louisville

The cast of Murder at Lenny’s Speakeasy. Photo: WhoDunnit Murder at Lenny’s Speakeasy Presented by WhoDunnit Murder Mystery Theater Written by A. S. Waterman Directed by Heather Hensley Review by Annette Skaggs Entire contents copyright © 2018 by Annette Skaggs. All rights reserved. Who among us hasn’t read or watched a murder mystery and thought […]

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