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Rhythms In The Magic

Tempest Choreography by Roger Creel Score by Scott Moore Review by Kathi E.B. Ellis Entire contents are copyright © 2018 by Kathi E. B. Ellis. All rights reserved.   The penultimate offering of the 2018 Kentucky Shakespea...
by arts_louisville


Farewell Three Graces

Photo: Louisville Ballet Giselle Choreography by Robert Curran and Uwe Kern after Petipa Music by Adolphe Adam Scenic Design by Peter Cazalet Costume Design by David Heuvel     Review by Valerie Canon Entire contents...
by arts_louisville


Dance, Dance, Dance

Photo courtesy Louisville Dance Series. Intersect Louisville Dance Series Review by Kathi E.B. Ellis Entire contents copyright © 2018 Kathi E.B. Ellis. All rights reserved. This performance marked the second year several Louis...
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Fresh And Unvarnished Hell

Credit: Sam English. The Beyond Collaboration with the Louisville Ballet, Louisville Orchestra, and Kentucky Opera Featuring: Requiem and Project Faust Choreography by Stephen Baynes and Adam Hougland Garrett Sorenson, Chad Slo...
by arts_louisville


Poetry In Motion

Philip Velinov, Sanjay Saverimuttu rehearse Lines with choreographer Leigh Anne Albrechta. Photo courtesy Louisville Ballet. Choreographer’s Showcase Various choreographers Review by Keith Waits Entire contents copyright © 2...
by arts_louisville