Lacy Smith.
Sonnets, Soliloquies & Scenes
Text and photos by Keith Waits
Entire contents are copyright © 2013, Keith Waits. All rights reserved.
On a perfect late summer afternoon, an August day uncharacteristically devoid of humidity, some 75 people of all ages gathered in Memorial Park at 4th and Kentucky for the first of a planned series of informal readings and performances of bits and pieces from William Shakespeare. For about one hour, a line-up of local theatre artists delivered monologues, scenes and one sonnet in the small amphitheater nook on the east side of the park.
Gregory Maupin as Petruchio in Taming of the Shrew.
There was little in the way of costumes or props, although Lacy Smith donned a full toga for his presentation of Marc Anthony’s funeral oration from Julius Caesar, and J. Barrett Cooper sported a kilt for a scene from Macbethwith Jenni Cochran. Heartfelt and unforced, the tone reflected the passion and commitment to Shakespeare in particular and live theatre in general of all involved. Included were individuals who represent Le Petomane Theatre Ensemble, The Louisville Improvisors, Savage Rose Classical Theatre, StageOne Family Theatre, Walden Theatre and the Youth Performing Arts School (YPAS). A reception followed at the nearby Vault 1031 performance space.
Hallie Dizdarevic as Tamora from Titus Andronicus.
The event, organized by YPAS’s Brian Hinds and Walden Theatre’s Julane Havens, is intended to be the opening salvo in a series that will rotate through various other Metro parks. The next presentation is scheduled for August 17, but exactly which park has yet to be determined.